Failure To Declare Income

Gateway Housing review the rents of all tenants.  This happens at least every 6 months, or if the tenant advises of a change in household circumstances. This is in accordance with the Community Housing Rent Policy from the Department of Housing and Public Works.

As a tenant of community housing, we require evidence of your income during your rent review, to ensure your rent is both fair and tailored to you. Producing this evidence is a pivotal requirement of your tenancy agreement. All proof of your income should be current.

Proof of Income

  • Bank statements. This should include all accounts for all bank accounts and investment organisations for every household member over 18 within the given period.
  • Income Confirmation from Centrelink. You and your household members can give consent for Gateway Housing to access your income details through Centrelink.
  • Payslips.
  • A current income statement from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. You can ask them to send the statements to us directly.
  • A profit and loss statement. Completed by an accountant.
  • A lodged tax return. Must have at least 3 months of business (if self-employed) and personal bank statements.
  • Records of foreign pension payments. Obtained from a relevant foreign government. Only needed if this information is not covered by Centrelink.
  • A Workcover/insurance letter or statement. Should show gross money received.

We will take the following actions should proof of income not be provided when required:

  • We will meet to discuss the matter with you directly.
  • If there is any impediment to providing said proof, then we will endeavour to help you resolve it.
  • We will explain to you that you are in breach of your lease.
  • A Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued, with 7 days to rectify it by providing proof of income.
  • Should the Notice to Remedy Breach expire without providing proof of income then your rent subsidy will be removed, resulting in you paying full market price for rent.
  • If proof of income is still not provided by this point then a Notice to Leave may be issued. The Notice to Leave will be revoked should we receive proof of income prior to its expiration, otherwise your tenancy will be terminated.