Gateway Housing Support Plan

What is a Support Plan?

Housing provides a consistent base from which we can participate in society, and address or work on education, employment, and health outcomes for all family members.

At Gateway Housing, a support plan is drawn up with the Housing Support Worker to address several barriers tenants wish to address and to set and achieve personal goals.

Support plans are an effective tool for the Housing Support Worker and the family to work on together in a trusting relationship. This provides the opportunity to plan, construct and review whilst in supported and stable accommodation.

Working together to discuss all the issues can produce positive desired outcomes and empower families to enjoy a comfortable living experience, with maximised independence and assurance.

A support plan will…

  • Ensure that personal information is kept private.
  • Reflect personal aspirations and abilities in aspects of daily life.
  • Assist with selecting independently from a range of life skill opportunities.
  • Recognise personal needs, goals and wishes
  • Treat all families with respect and dignity
  • Ultimately assist your family to move on and into affordable and sustainable housing
The Housing Support Worker Reviews Support Plans every three months. If individuals want to discuss it sooner, this can be coordinated. When there are any major changes in circumstances, the case plan can be reviewed at an earlier date. All reviews are completed within the family home.
Our support plans focus predominantly on aspects of housing. The Housing Support Worker will also discuss and support tenants with areas specific to:
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Child Care
  • Schooling / education
  • Your health and that of your family
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Employment and Training
  • Other – specific to individual family’s needs.
The plan is specifically tailored to the needs of each family, with the ultimate goal to identify and work on barriers preventing each family from accessing and maintaining long term housing.