Gateway Property Inspection

Property Inspections

As a tenant in a Gateway Housing managed property, your residence will undergo a routine inspection every quarter (three months). Routine inspections make us aware of any maintenance or repair the property may require.

There will be provided 7 days notice prior to an inspection via an Entry Notice from the Residential Tenancies Authority. The name of the person (or persons) entering you property will be found on the Entry Notice.

Routine inspections are generally only 15 to 20 minutes. If you are not at home during the inspection Gateway Housing will enter the premises using an access key. Photos will be taken during inspections in order to maintain ongoing records of the property’s condition as well as for documenting instances of required maintenance and/or repair.

What do we look for in an inspection?

The property should be in a reasonably tidy and clean state at the time of inspection. We expect the house to be uncluttered so we can work unimpeded. We check the condition of the house and determine if maintenance and/or repairs are needed.

What to do before an inspection?

  • Clutter should be minimised, at least to the point where we can complete our inspection without being obstructed.
  • Any and all pets should be restrained, as we will be inspecting the entire property, not just the house.
  • Our staff are required to wear shoes at all times, including inside the house. If you have concerns about this then please let us know prior to the inspection.
  • Please ensure that the house isn’t solely occupied by children under the age of 18 during the date of the inspection. Gateway Housing will not enter a property if a minor is home alone.

What about after the inspection?

If any concerns or tenancy breaches are noted then a staff member will let you know what they are, and if any action needs to be taken.